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La Marina is our small community, about 14 kilometers from the city of Elche, in the immediate vicinity is Guardamar del Segura and San Fulgencio. You will find a long sandy beach several kilometers long and, of course, just 2 miles away of the urbanization of La Marina.

2000 residents are in La Marina. The vast majority of the population lives, at least indirectly, on tourism. The place consists of two parts. The old 'pueblo' village has a long sandy beach, a street, a few shops, bars and restaurants. Just off the beach is a larger settlement known as Urbanization, which is 'our home'.

About 10 kilometers inland is the town of San Fulgencio. The town has a nearly 12,000 inhabitants and is one of the cities in the EU with the highest percentage (more than 77 percent) of foreign population. English is spoken more frequently than spanish.

Urbanisation La Marina and San Fulgencio

The urbanization is a settlement of terraced houses of different sizes and belongs to San Fulgencio. It is about three and a half kilometers from the sandy beach. For tourists it may be important to know the proximity to the coastal road N-332. So from here, you can get in the car and take a trip in the surrounding area or the coast line. The urbanization consists of terraced houses and detached houses. La Marina is inhabited throughout the year. Not only foreign guests spend their holidays here, but many Spaniards travel with the whole family to the urbanization La Marina.

The urbanization offers the tourist many entertainment options. In the evening, you can visit one of the many restaurants and (in some locations you can) watch the unforgettable sunset. Recommended are the Spanish Bodegas. There you can get the best wine and really delicious tapas.

On the beach, you will find a great range of leisure activities. You can rent bicycles, play mini golf, visit a scuba diving course or just take a hike over the dunes or through the nature reserve. In summer, temperatures reach up to 40 degrees. If that's too hot, you better choose a different season. Even during the Christmas season it often gets up to 20 degrees. Below five degrees, the temperature is very rare. A particularly beautiful season is spring. The arrival and departure is without any problems, because La Marina is only 18 kilometers from the Alicente airport.

Only a few miles south of Santa Pola

About 10 kilometers north of La Marina lies the town of Santa Pola with one of the most important fishing ports in the entire Mediterranean.

Worth seeing is the Natural Park 'Salinas de Santa Pola'. These were created at the beginning of the 20th century in various locations near Santa Pola. As it is a nature park, various areas of the park are protected. The salt extraction itself takes place in the salt pans, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the sea. Protected are also the freshwater pools, the dunes of El Pinet and some other areas.

Impressive view: The flamingos, sometimes there are thousands here

If the weather is too hot or too rainy, visiting the Museo del Mar is a alternative. This fishery and shipping museum is located in a fortress, built in 1557, near the port. In eight exhibition rooms you can obtain comprehensive information about the life of the people in the region.

Please keep the beach clean, it's a beauty

The gorgeous 17km long beach next to La Marina is known as El Pinet (here in Google Maps). Here you can enjoy the sweet beach life in the hot spanish summer. The sand is very soft, no stones will disturb you here while lying. It is also great for children to build a sandcastles or look for shellfish. Come and enjoy the crystal clear water and the happy people (but please leave the beach like found it). The beach is preceded by a beautiful pine forest, which is used by residents and tourists for a nice walk or picnics.

El Pinet

Living in the best climate in the world, if we can protect it

On the Costa Blanca there are up to 320 days of sunshine a year. Moving your home near here also means getting away from the winter. Anyone who suffers from asthma, has problems with the heart or circulation or suffers from psoriasis, should definitely choose this region as a destination. Many saltlakes and the winds from the sea create a healthy climate.

Even in winter it is rarely cold here, which is why we like to spend Christmas here - the temperature can go up to 20 degrees. Incidentally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has certified the Costa Blanca the best climate in the world. Not only a bath in the salt lakes provides for a rapid relief of the discomfort. The resident also finds relaxation in the beautiful beaches of the region.

Nature reserve El Pinet

Beach and pine forests

A trip worth: Te city of Guardamar. You take the N-332a or the N-332 for about 10 kilometers south by car. The city has about 15,000 inhabitants and has one of the most beautiful (but also most dangerous) beaches in Spain.

Guardamar beach

This beach is eleven kilometers long. Parallel to it runs a large pine forest. Especially easy to reach is the Playa Centro. It is 30 meters wide and has a beautiful beach promenade with restaurants and discos. Since 1987 he has been awarded the ‘Blue Flag’.

pine forest between La Marina and Guardamar

The dune landscape called Pinada de Guardamar was planted at the beginning of the 20th century. It should be prevented so the migration of the sand dunes on the beach. The problem arose because from the 18th century more and more forest was cut down. This wood was used by the fishermen as timber for their ships. The consequences showed in the. 19th century. The sand dunes continued to penetrate the town and soon reached the first houses of Guardamar. To save the village, people planted pines, palm trees, cypresses and eucalyptus trees. Through the forest, the city was saved, because the dunes stopped moving.

The Pinada not only meant salvation for the city, but today it is one of the main tourist magnets. Visitors can make extensive hikes on the vast dune landscapes. Today, the dunes are in a nature reserve. Particularly popular are two parks. Several thousand visitors come annually to the Parque Alfonso XII and the Parque Reina Sofia.

La Marina & San Fulgencio