The crib in Torrevieja in front of the church / Plaza de la Constitution

Church in Torrevieja before ChristmasChurch in Torrevieja before Christmas
Nativity Scene

Just a house of the crib in Torrevieja

I only had the cell phone with me, but I would like to share some pictures of the beautiful crib on the Plaza de la Constitution. Instead of opening a door on a calendar, new scenes in Christian history are published or supplied with electricity every day. The nativity scene is fully moved, (model) chickens move, the blacksmith forges the iron and much more. There is much to discover here and it is unforgettable for the children.

And especially happy visitors will also find a small figure in the crib, which seems to make a pile under the open sky. And those who find the shepherd with the pants down are supposed to be blessed with a little more luck next year, they say. There is also a source for this here at Wikipedia: The Caganer . In addition, there are such figures also by many celebrities to buy – Theresa May with lowered pants? Sure, you can buy that as well ;)


Caganers in a retail sale

From here you can walk down to the promenade. The market stalls are set up as usual and most of the cafes and restaurants by the sea are open with nice selected menus. If you want to visit a restaurant at Christmas time in the evening, you should book a table in advance!

Otherwise, I can only recommend the social media of Torrevieja to follow, here learns the Christmas tourists enough about the events in the city and the surrounding area:




Soon comes our contribution on how to drive to Spain for Christmas – really something very special :-) For more tips on the Christmas season in the region, I and other readers would certainly be very grateful, since we are still quite new here. Please write a comment about what you should know or visit in or near Torrevieja at Christmas time.

Happy holidays,

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