Sunday: Visit the ‘Lemontreemarket’ in Guardamar

Spanish paellaSpanish paella

It’s Sunday in paradise again. What about a nice breakfast, tasty mojitos or new shoes? Lets go shopping to the local market! With plenty of shopping fun guaranteed, you find the marketarea in just 15 minutes driving even from Torrevieja. One of the cheapest markets around is the lemontreemarket near Guardamar and exactly the right destination if you look for a good time. There are some shops we visit every time – for example the toys shop in the southwest, where kids find a lot of toys from 50ct upwards while you can have a nice mojito net to it – just an example, you have to see it for yourself :-)

Lemontree-Market: If you are late, you will be rewarded with an eternal traffic jam that stretches for kilometers to the market. Although there is enough parking (but it is from 11-12 clock only “Stop & Go” and took us (see pictures) about 30 minutes) you will need some time. But it is worth it: You will be rewarded with an incredibly large and diverse market. It is a lot of fun here, as you can taste the honey or the paella with locals. We noticed that many goods are offered here cheaper than in other markets!

The market is known by many names among the locals, as well as it could be a little ‘investment in time to find and reach the market (esp. if you are late). Use the sat nav or the mobile phone, because some more names are:

Mercadillo Campo De GuardamarMercadillo de El Campico de Guardamar und Citronmarked

The adress is: Av. del País Valencià, 63, 03140 Guardamar del Segura or just use Google Maps to find it.

More Pictures from the sunday-‘Lemontreemarket’ in Guardamar

We recommend, to get up at 8-9 and instantly go there for a tasty breakfast (and no traffic-jams). Then you are back at the beach, when it is getting hot again :) Have a good time!

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