Every Saturday is the big weekly market in La Marina

Freundlicher MultikultimarktFreundlicher Multikultimarkt

Not only because of the proximity to La Marina we favored every Saturday our big weekly market in town. ‘Big’, because there’s also a small weekly market here every Thursday. But we like this one, because of the ideal parking situation compared to other weekly markets, ist much better.

Since our move from Torrevieja to La Marina we appreciate our community from time to time more. It seems to me quite relaxing and off the gigantic weekly markets you have the opportunity to meet your friends and neighbors. Since the market is more structured in a row than in a table and you can imagine the end as a “loop”, it is easy to meet people here. You forcibly walk over their feet somewhere :)

Where does the market take place in La Marina?

At the lowest point of La Marina Urbanization, the industrial area south of Lidl or Iceland. Here we also like to park somewhere to visit the market. There are plenty of parking spaces if you’re willing to walk a few meters (feels good, is healthy :) Click here for Google Maps

What’s on the weekly market?

You get fruits and vegetables from the farmers, clothing and shoes but also tools and toys can be found here. If there are many double and triple offers in other markets, this is not the case in La Marina due to its size. Unlike the Friday market in Torrevieja or the Sunday market, Los Montesinos you are not pushed through the alley. It is just a bit more relaxed and you will find bars here and there between the stalls always a table for a few tapas or a beer.

fruits and vegetables

Of course, our first stop is fresh fruits and vegetables. Ideal to combine with the Lidl – bring drinks and cold cuts from Lidl and buy the rest fresh at the market

more fruits and vegetables

Even if the market is not that big, there are plenty of fruit and vegetable traders – many are known from other markets

No crowds at the weekly market

The beautiful for the visitor: No crowds like at other weekly markets

Frischer Käse

You can also buy fresh cheese here

Special offers

Since some companies in the industrial area join the weekly market (which is on their doorstep), it is not surprising to even get beds, mattresses and e-scooters for seniors here.

Beds and Scooters

At the back end of the market there are sometimes beds and scooters. We’ve never seen that on a market before..

And now: ‘Una cerveza más por favor, amigo‘ ;-)

Open on Samstag
Time: from 8am to 2pm
Adress to enter in your navigation device: Calle Mar Baltico

It is worth to visit the shopping center next to the Mercadona. There are a few nice bars and a few small shops and a hairdresser.

See you there,

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  1. Linda Barlow says:

    Do you know when the Saturday Market is re opening, after the covid19 restrictions? Thank you

    • I am so sorry Linda, I think you will be better informed on Facebook, because we are not in La Marina at the moment.
      Thanks and stay save, Juergen

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