Riding in the holidays on the Costa Blanca between Alicante and Torrevieja

If you spend your holidays on the Costa Blanca, you may enjoy the beach vacation. But for horse lovers, the coastline between Alicante and Torrevieja has a lot to offer and we would like to introduce you a few horse farms, which we have visited so far in our holidays. If you like to spend your time on horseback, you have the best conditions for riding a landscape in which many westerns were filmed in the 70s. Between the mountains and the sea, there are beautiful areas to discover, which can be reached partly only on foot or by horse – the coronation is of course the riding on the sea.

Horseback riding for all ages

The interesting thing is that in Spain life is not so much tormented by regulations, life here is much more relaxed. People here have completely different worries than the Central Europeans. For this reason, children can climb into the saddle and accompany the big ones on the rides. With our daughter (12) this was never a problem in recent years, the main differences were the services and the cost per riding lesson. So we thought, it could be a good idea to create an overview of riding stables and ranches between San Miguel, Los Montesinos and La Mata (near Torrevieja) for holidaymakers and families with children.

1. Hipica Gilillo at San Miguel de Salinas

“Hacks for both experienced riders and beginners.” Anyone who speaks at least the English language can experience a special kind of ride here, as the horse farm lies between orange groves and the mountains. The offer is aimed rather at those riders who want to plan a ride off the hustle and bustle on a well-kept yard. In addition to riding lessons, here are also offered rides to the restaurant. You enjoy one or two hours with other riders, before taking a break at a restaurant. The horses get supplied and you enjoy a beer and tapas for example. Then you ride goes back to the yard. There are also rides to the beach, birthday parties, BBQ and much more. After the ride we were glad to receive a few pictures, which were made of our daughter during the ride. Riding lessons are available here from 15 euros!

About a recommendation we became aware of this ranch. The ranch is well maintained and run by a nice couple. I should mention, these people are really friendly. Anyone who only “brings” someone to ride in the meantime has the opportunity to hike through a beautiful landscape ;-) We are looking forward coming back to Hipica Gilillo in the comming summer.

Contact: Ida +34 625228732 (speaks Swedish and English) and Jesus +34 639215538 (Spanish)

Website and contact: https://hipica-gilillo.negocio.site
The Ranch in Google Maps

2. El Refugio in La Mata / Torrevieja

35 km south of Alicante, El Refugio is located near the blue lagoon of La Mata and just 1.5 km from the beach of the sea. Here you can spend individual bookings as well as a whole holiday. For everyone a suitable program and horse can be provided here. According to the owner, it does not matter if you are a beginner, 50+ or ​​advanced rider, but I should recommend experience in dealing with horses.

We came up with it? Not far from the Lemontree Market, we just drove by and asked if our daughter could ride here. Already the next day she sat in the saddle and rode for two hours along the lagoon of La Mata.

The view from the stables

The view from the stables

The website and price list provide information in German and English on the farm’s offer at http://www.elrefugiocostablanca.com .
Directions to the ranch in Google Maps

3. Lo Rufete, a horse farm with a few extras

Two years ago, I wanted to give our daughter a small gift and found in a Spanish online shop a ‘coupon for a ride’ a bit of the way and behind Los Montesinos. There are also rides for kids around La Pedrera lake, lined with orange groves. According to the website, a two-hour ride currently costs 55.- Euro and can be booked or requested directly via the website.

The location is also very nice and you can easily spend the whole day here. In the season here is also a quad rental and a paintball area. English and Spanish is spoken here. The riding instructor later sent us some photos via WhatsApp, thanks for that :-)

A look at the website of the horse ranch will surely tell you more:

Website and price list at http://lorufete.com/
Directions to “Lo Rufete” in Google Maps

Attention: As a rule you should always bring riding clothes and suitable shoes or boots. Riding helmets you can always borrow, but not other clothing. And think about, if there would be a problems with the size … it would be a pity for the nice horse trip.

If you know of another riding stable where children or teenagers are allowed to ride, please write a comment below this post or send us a message. Thanks in advance for the effort :)

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