The Sunday market Zoco in Los Montesinos

Tapa und Bier 2 EuroTapa und Bier 2 Euro

A nice destination is the Sunday market in Los Montesinos, which we red about in the Costa Blanca News. But the market was not as easy to find as we thought. Come along – here we want to show you what to expect and where to find the market.

After only a few kilometers you reach the cute town of Los Montesinos, which is located at the northern end of the salt lake of Torrevieja. After a vain journey through the city, we almost gave up on finding the market because it turned out that this Sunday market is by no means in Los Montesinos. We asked several people about the market, but nobody could help us. An Englishman wished us luck, because he had so far sought this market in vain. A nice Spaniard helped us to find the right way!

A truly exceptional market – but a few miles outside the city of Los Montesinos . Later we should first learn that the market is also called Zoco Market or Mercadillo Ciudsd Quesada .

Where’s the Sunday market in Los Montesinos?

Go through Los Montesinos (coming from Torrevieja) completely. A few hundred meters after the town turn right at the roundabout and continue north for a few kilometers. After passing under the AP7 highway and drives a bit over the country the market then comes to sight lefthand. It’s a few miles, so just keep driving. I put a Google Maps map under the article and mark the point for the Sunday market.

A positive point is that the Zoco Market, as I call it now, are the offers in a small (shaded) space. Especially for people who have problems with standing and walking a long time, this market is for you. We arrived at 11am in the morning and still had a parking lot on the space in front. The way to the market is easy and quite safe. Even wheelchair drivers can visit this market.

Behind the entrance you have to decide only one way. We started to the left around then up and down. Nice also, that so many “nice” and especially shady rest areas with offers in the form of tapas and drinks. Most of the visitors, I was told, are English.

What’s on the Zoco market at Los Montesinos?

Especially noticed: The nice spanish hairdresser, the well-kept toilet at the right end of the market (50ct), a lot of craftsmanship on offer and a few nice emigrants with cake and other baked goods tried their luck. Pictures say more than a thousand words, that’s why I do not want to say much more.

Where is the Zoco market?
Open the map in Google Maps

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