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I listen the Spanish sound of Mein-LaMarina.comI listen the Spanish sound of

I often ask myself, what do holidaymakers listen to in La Marina? I used to buy every new CD on the market. But today I only maintain the Mein-LaMarina Playlist at Spotify. Of course, new songs are added every holiday and thanks to the shuffle feature, listening never gets boring.

Without Spanish music our holiday in Spain would only be half as beautiful. And Nietzsche said once, ‘Without music, life would be a mistake’. We can only agree, music is very important! Whether to ‘switch off’, to dance or as a mood brightener – and what is a trip on the Costa Blanca without the typical sounds in your ears?

Always the right music in your ear

That’s exactly why we’ve made our music playlist public now. Beautiful and with (hopefully) the best mix and many favourite songs from us and our friends. I’m looking forward to your feedback. Because if we forgot a very special, great song, we are happy to comply – just let us know and write us a music request email :-)

To the Spanish playlist on Spotify

Of course we also listen to the radio, but since we haven’t found a really good local station yet, we always end up with CADENA 100 in our home, which is also streamed over the wifi or bluetooth speakers. Here we still have some catching up to do and are happy about every tip as mail or comment right here underneath – then everyone has something of it :) Many thanks and a nice holiday,

PS: What is Spotify? Spotify is a commercial music streaming service that has been active since 2006. In addition to music, audio books, podcasts and videos can also be streamed. For Android and iOS the App is available in the respective AppStore. But especially on loudspeakers like Google Home, Amazon Alexa or real internet radios Spotify really comes out, because you can talk to the devices to listen to the songs you want. :-)

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