The Mercadillo El Fogon in Guardamar

Mercadillo El FogonMercadillo El Fogon

There are very different markets in our region. One special market is the untypical Mercadillo El Fogon in Guardamar. Every Sunday you can see the small market next to the N332. We were there and took a closer look. It’s not a market like the Zoco in Los Montesinos or the Lemontree Market. The big difference is that this market is more like ‘flea market’ with a lot of second hand goods. So if you are looking for old clocks, furniture and antiques or deco, you’ll certainly find it here. Yes, there are even fruits and vegetables. In addition, you´ll find stuff, thats origin might better not be questioned (or is coming from the garbage and was ‘saved’ by poor people). I red in the google reviews that some people do not like that place – but I think it’s good, if there are not only markets for professional traders. I like to support that and think that everyone deserves a chance – and hey, you find here things you won´t on the bigger markets.

A Sunday between knickknacks and treasures

If you do not want to miss breakfast on the Lemontree Market but looking for an alternative, give the Mercadillo El Fogon in Guardamar a chance. There is also a cafe and a simple rustic restaurant, where you can really sit nicely. Eating a snack, drinking coffee and watching the visitors is also great fun here. From 7:30am to 1:30pm here is a lot going on. But a warning: If you come by car and you*re still good on foot, do not park directly in front of the market – is not the problem getting out of the car park later. May get to an adventure when there is a lot of traffic. If you can walk 200 or 300 meters – should leave the car right at the roundabout of the driveway.

Positive: Incredibly diverse goods and second (or third) hand items. The stuff is changing a lot over weeks. You have to like it…

Here you find the location in Google Maps.

Address: Partida Santa Ana, 4, 03140, Alacant, Spanien

Have fun,

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